The Third Secret

Despite the best efforts of Vatican bureaucrats, it is possible to determine the essence of what has become known as the “Third Secret of Fatima”

(Part I)


Brother Michael says: “Pope John Paul II, before going on pilgrimage to Fatima on May 13, 1982, asked for the help of a Portuguese translator from the Curia, in order to translate to him certain expressions of the (Third) Secret which are peculiar to the Portuguese language. He also, therefore, has read the Third Secret but has not chosen to make it public either.”

According to Brother Michael, we have not yet come to the time announced by the conclusion of the secret. Why? “Because Russia has not vet been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as it must be, and as it will be one day.”

On the other hand, according to the French monk, the events announced in the Third Secret do not only concern our future. Sister Lucy was quoted that “the punishments predicted by Our Lady in the Third Secret have already begun.”



Brother Michael says that one can dismiss a good number of false hypotheses, including that the secret is an “invitation to prayer and penance.” The Virgin Mary, says the monk, would not have asked Lucy to wait from 1944 to 1960 in order to divulge a message that would repeat word for word her public message of October 13,1917.

“Neither is it a matter of happiness,” says Brother Michael. “The Third Secret of Fatima certainly does not accord with the views of optimism of Pope John XXIII, proclaiming that the ( Vatican II ) Council would be `a new Pentecost,’ ‘a new springtime for the church.’

“If that were the case,” says Brother Michael, “he himself or his successors would have revealed it to us.” A cardinal familiar with the context of the message was quoted that if the message were pleasant, “we would have been told so. Since we haven’t been told anything, the fact is that it is sad.”



The Third Secret does not predict the end of the world either, says the French monk, since the prophecy of Fatima ends with a marvellous ad unconditional promise.

Would it be the promise of a Third World War? Of a nuclear war? “I think that this is undoubtedly not the essential of the Third Secret”, says Brother Michael. All the terrible punishments threatened, such as the spread of communism and the annihilation of entire nations was taken care of in the Second Secret.

According to Brother Michael, all his research indicates the Third Secret refers to a spiritual chastisement. The secret concerns “the dangers of threatening the faith and life of Christians.” Brother Michael says that the one word that comes to his mind in connection with the Third Secret is “apostasy.”

For those of little‑or no‑ faith, that should come as a great relief, if they needed any. But to those of faith, particularly loyal Catholics, the worst of times will precede the best of times; and we are experiencing the beginning of the worst of times.