1999 February/Angels

According to the revelations made to Mechtilde Schonwerth, who belonged to the Confraternity of Mary, Queen of Hearts, and who, at her profession, took the name of Magdalen of the Cross, our knowledge of the Angels is very limited.

From the Scriptures and lives of Saints, we know that myriads of Angels continuously serve people throughout the course of their earthly lives. Although these beings are mentioned 320 times in the Scriptures and at every main event in Christ’s life, we still don’t know too much about them; we don’t honour them as they deserve.

In order to honour and love them we should first know them. If we only understand their dignity, their perfection, their close relationship with God, their excellence and power, we would venerate them in an extraordinary way.

Their love for us is immense and they guard our souls with great care because they witness God’s great act of love for us. They know the high price paid by Christ for souls, so we should be inflamed with real love towards them and congratulate ourselves that we can greet them as our companions. We hardly know or think of our own Guardian Angel who is our constant companion throughout our whole life.

According to Magdalen of the Cross in her revelations, which were gathered together by Friederich yon Lama, all Angels possess the same happiness. The knowledge of God is present to different degrees amongst the different Choirs, so that a higher Choir possesses a deeper knowledge of God.

In this regard, St. Michael and St. Gabriel excel all the other Angels, The Seraphim are completely inflamed with the fires of God’s love and they possess perfect happiness. However, they can experience an accidental joy when they succeed in freeing a soul from the state of sin or preventing him from committing one. When they see that the merits of the Redemption are not lost, that is, when a soul in their care reaches Heaven and praises God forever, they receive an accidental joy. The Guardian Angels exercise a continuous watchfulness over souls committed to their care and once these souls reach Heaven to enjoy the vision of God, the Guardian Angel will remain there at their side.

The joy of the Guardian Angel is immeasurably increased when the souls entrusted to them enter Heaven, but in the case of lost souls, they are not deprived of their joy. God, in His infinite justice, increases their joy and assigns them to special guard of the “Queen of Angels”.

Guardian Angels differ from one another; some appear more active than others; some are more reserved. Those dressed in red and wearing a small crown are assigned to persons, who suffer. Those dressed in white have always, a joyful expression and wear a beautiful crown; they are assigned the innocent souls.

Children have especially beautiful Guardian Angels. Their garments are light blue decorated with pearls, with a beautiful everlasting crown of roses around their heads. The Angels of sinners are dressed in garments of a deep red colour, they have their arms folded across their breasts and their faces turned towards heaven in an imploring manner.

In the history of the Church, devotions to the Guardian Angels go, back for centuries, but a special day of devotion was assigned to them on the 29 September, feast of the Archangels.

In today’s, life we have?neglected the company of the angelic creatures; we don’t feel their presence any more. Even though they are the constant companions of our journeys ,and the mute witnesses, of our everyday lives. It is a Church dogma, that eveyone of us, at the, time of Baptism, receives an Angel; who accompaies, inspires and. fides throughout the entire span of one’s life.

The presence of the Guardian angels at our side is an invisible one; they are faithful, mute but eloquent; they are friends who remind us of our Christian duties towards God and our neighbour, they are the mirrors in which everyone of us has to reflect his daily

The Church has developed their veneration an taught us to live with dignity in their presence. She has taught us to turn to our Guardian Angels in the sad hours of our lives and to abandon ourselves into their arms and bestow on them all our love, affection and confidence.

Let us communicate more with our Guardian Angels and unite ourselves with these : celestial messengers so that, through their help, we can give praise to, God and?bring more souls closer to Christ. Let us listen to their beautiful words, accept their holy thoughts and follow their counsel that we may do good.

We should never forget to thank our Guardian Angels as they lead us along the difficult path of this life to the glory of eternal happiness.