1999 December/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors of SSPX South Africa,

A number of things have been in hand during these past two months at the Priories. Among several preparations for the visit of Bishop Williamson, there has been the preparation for the new attar which is to installed in the first week of December. A suspended concrete platform has had to be built to support the 2 tonnes of marble that make up the new altar. The marble carvings which were being prepared for the front of the attar have had a setback as has the canopy, which will all have to be made with more time next year. Sister Lagrimas and some of the parish women have nearly completed the solemn set of violet Mass vestments for the Bishop’s Solemn High Mass on the 12th¬†of December at Our Lady of Sorrow Priory. St. Joseph’s in Harare has likewise been preparing special festivities for the Bishop which we hope to hear about next month. In Durban at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Priory, Fr. Esposito is thankful for the arrival of Fr. Swanton, as the arrival of Fr. Suresh still looks quite distant and not at all certain due to very strict visa conditions now in force in this country. In any case Frs. Esposito and Swanton can reminisce over old times in Rhodesia where they both grew up. The downside is that now there are only 2 priests in Roodepoort with nearly the same apostolate to carry on.

The priests and religious in all the Priories are most grateful for the many sacrifices that have been made by our faithful throughout the year for us. May we Wend our Christmas greetings and blessings to all through the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Rosary of Our Lady.

Fr. L. Gerspacher