Editorial August 1999

Dear Faithful,

Three feasts–Our Lady of the Snow, the Assumption and the Immaculate Heart–make August very much the month of Our Lady, and a time to have especial recourse to her in this very trying epoch in which we live.

On the positive side, August 15th¬†will see the first Mass at Roodepoort of Fr. Suresh, who is appointed to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Priory in Durban. Besides being a source of graces in itself, a first Mass offers the opportunity of obtaining a new priest’s first blessing, which is worth a plenary indulgence with the usual conditions, hence it is well worth the effort to come.

Zimbabwe’s first boys’ camp took place in the first week of this month (apologies for a late newsletter!). These camps do more good than perhaps is realized. Having fun in an unambiguously Catholic setting can make an impression on a child that endures for years afterwards. The girls’ camp in SA will commence at the end of next month. The projected boys’ camp was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of numbers. It is hoped to have a better muster for a possible camp in December.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Loren Gerspacher